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Ķīnas un Vjetnamas ethnicity
China is the world’s most populous country and is home to more than 50 distinct ethnic groups, yet the Han people constitute a majority of over 90%. That same ethnicity dominates the region outside China as well - for as much as the East Asian region that extends from China to include Vietnam is home to thousands of distinct ethnic sub-groups, each with their own culture, they are ethnically very similar to the masses of people in China. That said, research shows that the Vietnamese are the most ancient people in Southeast Asia, and one of the first populations to practice agriculture. Tens of millions of ethnic Chinese people live across Asia, spreading into Europe, the Americas, Oceania, and Africa - via immigration. Nearly 40 children are born in China each minute. The history of Chinese civilization stretches back thousands of years, over numerous dynastic eras, the Imperial Age, civil war, and Communist rule. The Chinese introduced a huge number of key technological inventions and innovations to the world, including paper (back in the 8th century), the compass, and gunpowder, in the ninth century, changing the face of warfare and hunting forever.